Friday, December 17, 2010

My first autograph

It was only fitting, not to mention an honor that my first autograph I signed inside my novel was for Mrs. Arlene Gandolfi, one of the people included on the book's dedication page.

Her son Brent, one of my elementary school and high school classmates, read the News Trib article last month and got in touch with me (via Facebook) and asked how he could get an autograph copy for his mother. He ordered the book, had it sent to me (which I received yesterday) and today, after I signed the novel, I sent it back to Brent.

It's going to take another two weeks to get to his mother who's going to be very surprised when she receives the book.

I thanked Mrs. Gandolfi, who first encouraged me to write back in 1971, for her kindness and encouragement, as well as her teaching.

Thanks again, Mrs. Gandolfi.

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