Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Korea -- December 25, 1950

It's early in the morning, Christmas day 1950. Bobby, sits inside his tent around a makeshift heater and writes a letter home to his wife, Mary:

December 25, 1950

My Darling Mary,

Merry Christmas, my darling wife! I hope this letter finds you and Ronnie both feeling well.

It is a little after midnight here in Korea, Christmas Day. It is bitterly cold this evening and it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a white Christmas even though some of the guys are con­vinced that we will. Then again, a white Christmas just might make us feel all the more homesick.

Some guys in the company cut down a pine tree and decor­ated it with some ornaments they had shaped out of foil from some packing crates. I think they did a pretty good job to bring the rest of us a little holiday cheer.

Tonight some Korean children serenaded us with a Christmas Carol. It was very touching. They sang “Silent Night” and it really got to a lot of the men.

I got some stuff from the Red Cross the other day, some paper and some chocolate.

I pray this war ends soon and that I am home with you and Ronnie. It was two years ago this week when I proposed to you. Can you believe that? Even though I have been away from you most of this time, being married to you and having a son are the best things that have ever happened to me and they are what I am most grateful for this Christmas. The thoughts of you and Ronnie have gotten me through some rough times here and are a continual source of strength for me.

Be strong my love. We will be together soon.

Give my best to the family, give Ronnie a big hug, and kiss for me.

Merry Christmas my Darling.

Your Affectionate and Loving husband,


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